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During the Night: art and anxiety now. A re-imagined text from Edmund de Waal’s 2016 During the Night exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, reflecting on objects and anxiety and how it speaks to the situation we all find ourselves in now.

Edmund De Waal At The British Museum

From Venice, to Dresden and now London, Edmund de Waal’s library of exile makes its final stop at the British Museum (temporarily closed).

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Although library of exile is temporarily closed, you can explore its holdings through an online catalogue which is continually updated with new books. You are invited to send in your own title suggestions via the Suggestions Box.

A Quiet Corner in Time began as a sound work created by the composer Simon Fisher Turner for de Waal’s architectural intervention –one way or other– at the Schindler House, L.A., in 2018-19. It has since developed into a standalone album release with Mute Records. [Video: Mute Records]

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Explore the archive of de Waal's writing on subjects including his own work, craft, white and his memoir The Hare with Amber Eyes.

In this video, Sally Mann joins Edmund de Waal onstage at the Frick Collection in New York to converse about art, writing, and the importance of place in their respective bodies of work. The conversation was presented in November 2019 in association with the exhibition Elective Affinities: Edmund de Waal at the Frick Collection.

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a new publication documents the first stop for the library of exile, at the Ateneo Veneto, Venice, in the Spring and Summer of 2019.