Ape clutching a gourd. Wood with inlaid mother–of–pearl eyes. Signed Homin. Tokyo, c. 1860. Length 4cm.

Uncle Iggie holding the netsuke in his apartment, Tokyo, 1960.

Piebald rat gnawing on its tail. Ivory, eyes originally inlaid in dark buffalo horn. Signed Ikko, c.1880. Height 2.8cm

Rat clutching its tail with forepaws. Ivory with eyes in dark buffalo horn. Signed Mitsutada. Kyoto, c.1800. Length 3.7cm.

Postcard of Kovesces from Gisela to her father Viktor, 1912.

Rat gnawing on a root vegetable. Ivory with eyes inlaid in dark buffalo horn. Signed 'Ko'. Kyoto, c.1820. Length 3.7cm.

Rat on an edamame. Ivory with eyes inlaid in red buffalo horn. Unsigned, c.1820. Length 6.8cm.

Rat on a hank of rope. Ivory with eyes inlaid in dark buffalo horn. Unsigned, c.1820. Length 6cm.

Elisabeth aged three on the Orient Express, 1902.

Pigeon on a pine branch. Ivory. Unsigned, but inspired by Mitsuhiro. Osaka, c.1860. Height 3.1cm.

Bed belonging to Charles Ephrussi, from 'Musee Graphique pour l'etude d'art', Edouard Lievre, 1888.

Seven gingko nuts. Ivory. Signed Mitsuharu, but probably the work of Kiyokatsu. Kyoto, c.1850. Length 4.4cm.

Louise Cahen D'Anvers, Carolus-Duran, 1870s.

A peach. Ivory. Signed Ranichi. Kyoto, c.1850. Height 4.2cm.

The disappointed rat catcher. Ivory. Signed Ono Ryomin, c.1880. Length 3.3cm.

An ama suckling an octopus. Walrus ivory. Unsigned, c.1880. Height 4.7cm.

Front cover of 'Albert Durer et ses dessins', Charles Ephrussi. Quantin, Paris, 1882.

Fisherman casting a net from the shore. Wood. Unsigned, c.1820. Width 4.4cm.

Boy seated in a shishimai mask. Wood. Signed Miwa, but probably the work of Shumin, c.1880. Width 4.5cm.

Postcard of the promenade, Odessa, 1880.

Iggie and Jiro on a boat in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, 1954.

Sotoba Komachi. Ivory. Unsigned, c.1800. Height 6.8cm.

Iggie during the Normandy campaign, 1944.

A scholar reading a scroll on a horse. Ivory. Signed Ryukosai, c.1850. Length 2.9cm.

Drunkard holding a gourd behind him. Ivory. Unsigned, c.1950. Height 5.5cm.

Viktor in St David's, Tunbridge Wells, 1938.

Viktor and Emmy at Kovesces, 18th August 1938.

Woman bathing in a tub. Ivory. Signed Chokusai, c.1920. Height 3.9cm.

Henk, Paris, 1926.

A cooper making a tub. Ivory. Signed Gyokusai, c.1920. Height 2.6cm.

Plane flying over the Ringstrasse, looking towards the Palais Ephrussi.

Boy holding up a Hyottoko mask. Ivory with one inlay of dark horn. Signed Tomomasa. Tokyo, c.1880. Height 3.9cm.

Man administering moxa to his leg. Ivory with inlay of dark horn. Signed Gyokusen. Tokyo, c.1880. Height 3.2cm.

Elisabeth, Paris, 1926.

Gisela and Elisabeth at Kovesces, 1903.

Bathing hut at Kovesces, early 1913.

Recumbent goat on a base. Ivory. Signed Kogyoku. Tokyo, c.1880. Length 3.6cm.

Emmy as Titian's Isabelle d'Este, 1904.

Rat on a desiccated salmon. Ivory with eyes inlaid in dark buffalo horn. Unsigned, c.1850. Length 11.5cm.

Pips playing the piano, taken from Secessionist album, 1903.

Ignace's three children, Anna, Stefan and Viktor, 1870.

Hare with raised forepaw. Ivory with eyes inlaid in amber buffalo horn. Signed Masatoshi. Osaka, c.1880. Length 3.7cm.

The Palais Ephrussi looking along the Schottengasse towards the Votivkirche, Vienna, 1881.

Portrait of Charles Ephrussi, Leon Bonnat, 1906.

Charles Ephrussi, Patricot, published with obituary in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1905.

Galloping horse. Walrus ivory. Signed Shumin, 20th century. Length 4cm.

A faggot of pinewood logs tied with rope. Wood. Signed Soko. Tokyo, c.1920. Length 5.5cm.

Le Dejeuner des Canotiers, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1881.

Okina mask. Wood. Signed Shuzan, c.1890. Height 4.3cm.

Group of nine theatrical masks. Wood, with two ivory inlays. Unsigned, c.1890. Length 4.7cm.

The lunar hare leaning against a mocha-cake moon. Ivory. Signed Masahiro. Osaka, c.1870. Length 4.5cm.

L'Asperge, Edouard Manet, 1880.